User Agreement

User Agreement:

Please read the information below carefully. Dear Academy participant, Thank you very much for choosing a Interfood e-learning module! We kindly request you read the information below and then click on ACCEPT before starting the module(s). The Interfood Academy e-learning modules (including tests) have been carefully compiled by Interfood professionals together with related companies. The modules match the professional standard of the dairy industry. This means that the modules are based on:
  • The national and/or international guidelines on a specific subject;
  • Thus based as much as possible on existing scientific evidence;
  • National and international legislation;
  • Standards that apply to Interfood.
  • The modules specifically focus on:
  • Legislation and standards for occupational health and safety
  • Legislation and standards for food safety
  • Legislation and standards for feed safety
  • Despite careful compilation, there is always the possibility that:
  • Relevant information is missing or is not entirely correct;
  • Newer evidence, insights and/or guidelines exist that have not been included in the module yet;
  • The module differs (somewhat) from the procedures in your own unit / organisation;
  • Working according to professional standards means that as a professional you are and remain responsible for your own actions at all times.
  • Interfood Academy therefore accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damages of whatever nature incurred from or related to taking a Interfood Academy module.
We would also like to refer you to the general terms and conditions of Interfood. By clicking on AGREE below, you state that:
  • you have read the above information;
  • you understand the above information;
  • you agree to the above information.
It speaks for itself that comments or suggestions are more than welcome and we wish you the best of luck when taking one of our modules.